Our Team

Joanna (Mom) - Founder and Chief Gifting Officer

Meet Joanna, our Chief Gifting Officer and the heart behind every thoughtful surprise. Gift-giving is her love language, and she's here to sprinkle joy and warm fuzzies into every box.

Antonio (Dad) - Chief Delivery Officer

Introducing Antonio, our Chief Delivery Officer and master of logistics. As CDO, he's on a mission to ensure our precious boxes journey safely from our home to your doorstep.

Frankie (Big Sister) - Chief Shopping Officer

Say hello to Frankie, our Chief Shopping Officer and the ultimate shopping expert. With an eye for fun and a passion for picking the perfect treasures, she curates each item that goes into our boxes.

Nico (Little Brother) - Chief Boxing Officer

Meet Nico, our Chief Boxing Officer and the champion of filling each box with wonder. With his eye on the prize(s), he puts his stamina to use, ensuring every surprise is snugly packed for delivery.