About Us

Hi! I'm Joanna, and this is Frankly Nice Gifting.

Frankly Nice Gifting is a small business inspired by (and named after) my two amazing kids, Frankie (age 11), and Nico (age 9).

I have always loved giving gifts, and my love for gifting only grew when I became a mom. I am constantly trying to create magical experiences for my kids, and nothing beats watching their eyes light up when I surprise them with something I know they'll love. I realized that I could use that same passion to create a gifting business that would inspire joy and excitement in other families as well! Enter... Frankly Nice Gifting: Curated Gift Boxes Just for Kids. 

Once I decided to start this little business, I knew right away I had to involve Frankie and Nico from the beginning. After all, who knows kids better than kids themselves? They are part of the process every step of the way; from selecting the items, to packaging the boxes, to being the stars of our unboxing videos! 

This has been such a fun experience and we are so happy you're here. We hope these gift boxes bring just as much joy to your family, as making them has brought to ours! 

Thanks so much for your support!